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the cause. go there and get her to 100,000. on your side. >> dana: do not follow greg gutfeld. that is it for "the five." thank you for watching. see you welcome to "red eye." let's go to tom shalou. what is coming up in tonight's show? the aclu is suing the pentagon again? can't you pick on someone your own size? and one half of angus t jones wants you to watch his adorable tv character every week, but the other half doesn't want you to watch his not so adorable tv character every week. we'll explain. and if you are like me, you wonder why the u.s. blew up the moon with a nuclear bomb.
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it was right there. we had plenty of bombs. wait a minute. we considered it? i have to hear about this. andy? >> you will hear about this, tom. don't respond to what i just said. >> just tell me. i guess i have to wait. >> we'll tell you later. >> i am here with fox business net wore reporter -- network reporter. his latest comedy cd is called image reporter. and sitting next to me who think he's is in line to cease les-mis is john bolten. >>- q. i should we put the -- >> should we put the fair in war fair, calling the urpt c -- the current policy unconstitutional.
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according to the aclu attorney these regulations are, quote, outdated assumptions assumptions and stereo types about the men and women. the wars in iraq and afghanistan have pushed females to the front lines, but unlike dudes, they are not getting their due, notes the attorney. it is preventing them from getting the proper training and recognition and from using this combat experience to advance when is in the military. for more let's go live to the "red eye" senior correspondent. grant? >> have you ever met grant turkle before? >> can you play that again? >> let's get that cued up and
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play again. >> i thought the aclu didn't believe there should be a pentagon. why are they suing for equal opportunity in a place they don't want to exist? no, i don't think it is time for women in combat. i know they have gotten close to the front line. they certainly serve in dangerous circumstances, but i don't think we know what impact we would have if men and women were serving together. >> that gets to this, lauren, the pentagon right now are doing an on going analysis on what would happen if women were introduced in combat roles. the aclu says this ain't happening fast enough. women who are currently serving are being hurt and not able to advance their careers or experience or whatever. is the aclu here or should we wait for the pentagon to finish conducting its review? >> the aclu has a point. i think if a woman wants to be in combat she should be able to pending she can prove she can handle it. i don't know how comfortable if someone like me were on the
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front line. 24r* are women capable of this. >> the issue specifically names you as somebody this doesn't apply to. 24 is safe and you will be fine. >> you never serve netted military because you are one who thinks society exists to serve you. but go ahead and give your worthless take anyway. >> i think women should serve in combat. particularly my ex-girlfriend. >> thank you. pound the fist. >> it is reflective of our society. this is the same thing women complain about. they are doing the work of men in the private sector and they are not getting promotions. a lot of these women have been fighting in combat and being held back. we are fighting with technology. it is not like it is gender specific. it is not like there are fighter jets that have a bar for guys and no bar for girls with a basket on the front. women should be able to ham this. i think we should be supportive of it.
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>> to be clear, we are not talking about fighter jets. we are not talking about being a pilot. it is a ground pounder and carrying weight on your backett set raw. >> i think that is discrimination and sexist to say a woman can't do a man's job. i know you are surprised to hear me say that. >> the fact that you called it a man's job makes you sexist. >> i love how your ex-girlfriend are getting involved. if a woman can do it or two or three let them do it. >> let's get to the question. bill, would any of your six daughters do well in combat? >> yes. i just got into a toc sell -- toc sell with one of them and i lost. they are huge. i agree with lauren. those are nice, by the way. personal trainer. you can afford one. you probably get paid more than me. it should be case by case.
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some are physically able to do it, and i think they are and they should be able to. are they will be like meg ryan in "courage under fire" tiny and tough or goldie hawn in" private benjamin" where they are cracking jokes. >> there is actually a question here. >> thank you, ambassador. can you expand on that? >> if i can get it out. there is unit cohesion and what happens in combat and what would be the affect of men and women in actual combat units. there may be an argument for all female combat units serving next to all male combat units. that's on the possibility. but i'm sure the aclu would reject that. >> and you could argue that that goes back to having separate white and black battalions which was also for similar reasons. >> except for many years in the racist army in world war ii they wouldn't allow blacks to serve in combat. that was a perverse irony for a racist.
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>> there was the men and the woosey section you were in. you did well in that situation. feel free to laugh at that if you want. >> i am laughing at the fact that a person who never served his country -- >> i was a boy scout. that's like serving your country. the days of thinking women are delicate flowers are behind us. isn't that antiquated thinking? between mob wives and basketball wives and reality daytime shows, i have seen more women fights than women in prison videos they show on show time. i don't think women are looked at the way they were looked at when this was originally an issue years and years and years ago. >> the number of roles women are excluded from is really quite licked it. limited. >> but some are saying they are doing the job of a man, but not getting recognized in the benefits from the job. >> that's a legitimate question and one you can take a look at. it is different from being in
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an infantry battalion in combat. so far as we can tell. >> if i can expand on what you are saying. maybe a meg ryan, okay. a gi jane with her boulder holders would be too much of a distraction for a battalion. >> could you run that by me again? >> every time i watch gi jane i am motivated. >> i have to be honest. when i was in the army, the all male battalion, we spent the whole year wishing whoa would mix gender unit. my second unit was a mixed gender patriot missal battalion and i spent the whole year wishing i was in an all male unit. >> i don't know if it was like this now and because i was not a journalist and i didn't bother to find out, but back in the early 90s there are double standards for men and women when it comes to the physical fitness test and stuff like that. and we had a thing when i was
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in the patriot missal battalion when we went to the field, the women every three days would have to be brought back to take a shower because they were afraid of yeast infections. that doesn't do a lot for the morale of guys stuck without a shower for seven and 14 days. i have a problem with the double standard. if you get rid of the double standards and they are not lowered then yes. if you can meet the standards you should be allowed. >> back in the 70s when i was in the reserves, i once went to help out a battalion with its records and a whack captain whose hair was much longer than mine, i can assure you made me get a haircut. >> and longer than your mustache hair? >> yes. if this is an aclu fight involving women, how is gloria gloria allred no where near this case? >> we should thank the aclu
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for jumping in. >> from women in combat to robots in combat. will the rise of the machines result in an droid marines. a human rights watch report called for a ban on killer robots which they maintained could be fully operational and ready to terminate in 20 years. the pentagon has made clear that man and not machine will always hold the trigger. the deputy defense secretary signed a policy directive that states that the semiautonomous weapon systems must be designed for proper machine interfaces and controls and must allow commanders and operators to exercise appropriate levels of human judgment over the use of force. i think that was written by a robot. anyway, that's a load off my mind. i have never seen robocop or terminator and i know there is no way this can go wrong. they are actually friendly and mean us no harm much like this one.
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>> that's the saddest thing i have ever seen. paul, we have already got machines that can independently search for enemy fire and destroy incoming projectiles. this is happening whether we like it or not, right? >> absolutely. humans are better at making decisions than machines. if you have a robot general you want them to have feeling and understand. but it would be better at drafting their draft folder or e-mail. i think you have to consider both sides of the argument. >> so the pentagon directive on this, this is how it reads. the idea is to, quote, minimize failures that could lead to unintended engagements or loss of control. minimize failures. they are already saying this is going to happen, but we
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have to make sure it doesn't happen too much. >> 50%, 60%, some margin of failure. >> i think this is a positive development because it will safeguard lives. whether it is robots or not, when you drop bombs on people you will kill them in large numbers. that's the point of doing it. the robots are a more efficient way of doing it. that's what hacks human rights off that doesn't want more efficient ways of doing it. that would be nice if we could live where the lions could lie with the lambs, but we don't. >> it is all true until the robots turn on us. >> are you a pessimist. >> i am an of avid movie goer. i know how this happens. >> lauren, two-part question. once the robots take over our military, will they then take our women? and two, would you yourself date or marry a metal man? >> start with two, i would. that's power. nice and firm. i love it. what was the first question? >> i don't even remember what the first question was.
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>> i say this is, you know, you are on to something. this is a perfect, perfect plan for me. >> dating a robot. >> it was the logical progression. >> in terms of robots as a reality, it seems like war is being turned into a video game in many senses. but i was concerned about hackers or terrorists getting into our system and controlling our robots and messing up the human controlled technology. >> you don't want the same guy doing that it is a reality. >> bill, two-part question. once the robots take over our military, will they then take our women? and would you yourself date or marry a met stall man? >> -- metal man. >> let me focus on question two. yes, they feel more rugged and raw. what was the first question? power. i would do that.
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it doesn't matter when n what shape our robots are. if they are as trustworthy, you have another inning thing coming. i for one welcome our over lord. and i remind them as a trusted personality, i can be trusted with our people to bring them in as slaves to toil away in your oil camps. >> can women run the robots the same way men do? >> i would say women can be joint operators. >> women can't drive metal cars. >> you just can't drive. >> you can't double park a robot. >> ambassador, last month the washington post reported that in march of 2011 a parked predator drone started its engine without human direction even though the engine was turned off and the fuel lines are closed. to this day they don't know how it happened. we are doomed. this is how it starts. >> the next thing you are going to say is one of our 30,000 nuclear war heads will
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turn itself on. that's a risk you have to take. >> we have a drone sitting there with the ignition off and the fuel lines closed and it starts itself. >> that scares the hell out of me. >> back to women in combat, susan rice wishes there was a robot diplomat she could rely on. >> somebody cast lyndsay lohan to play liz taylor. do you think we have people capable of doing things with robots? >> if anything humans are winning. if you have seen the movie "stealth" that was the point. a plane that is not driven by a pilot takes off and gets a mind of its own. the problem is no one saw the movie "stealth." >> i knew we were in for it when the compute other "jeep fro de" won. "jeopardy" won. >> or the one that beats the chess guy. >> on "deep blue."
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>>- q. i which is a nice name for a male robot. ?ai from robots to rogues, why is angus filled with anguish? you know he hates the stupid show. in an interview the kid gently criticized the sitcom that enriched him financially and america spiritually. he makes $350,000 a show and the show contridicts his christian values and urged viewers mott to ouch what. roll tape, tape rollers. >> jake from "two and a half men" means nothing. he is a nonexistent character. if you watch "two and a half men" please stopwatching. i am on "two and a half men" and i don't want to be on it. please stop filling your head with filth. please. >> that kid is a publicist's dream. >> according to the hollywood reporter he will not appear before christmas, but his absence has nothing to do with his comments.
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>> he has no idea how close he is to the wood chipper. >> hello. allen, are you home? >> andy. what are you doing here? >> i thought i would surprise you with a booty call. >> lower your voice. >> booty call. >> ambassador have you met renaldo before? >> that is quite an experience. jay we were going to do a story about gaza and you e-mailed and said no i want to talk about "two and a half men." >> i figured this out during the day. >> i did not know you are a long-time "two and a half men" fan or halfy as you are known. >> do you think he is sincere or a warped publicity stunt. >> i think he is the greatest product maximizer in a longtime. it is true he loses $700,000 from not doing these next two shows, but god mows what the rerun potential or long longevity of the joe. from that perspective he is a
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terrific actor, no doubt about it. >> paul, your lips recently had a story on "two and a half men" as jon cryer's whacky aunt. what do you make of this? >> he can be unhappy with the situation, but why is it all of these guys do it after they make their millions and then realize oh there is some issue with what they are doing? the staffers have to work on the show. just keep your mouth shut and keep your job so those people have a job. they would rather be working on "two and a half men" and not" here comes honey boo boo." it is like an 11th commandment of thou shall have righteous indig nation after sin do location. once they get their money and they have enough, then they suddenly -- >> let's be fair here. he is a young kid and apparently just recently discovered his faith. he has become devout in his faith. >> she clearly not stable. if you read the quotes he is all over the place. he has gone from ugly puberty and to religious nut.
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he skipped over show getting canceled and drinking con stabtly and sex tape -- constantly and sex tape and robbing a liquor store. that's all the things from a child star to adult. >> and to be fair, religious nut seems strong. he has found religion. >> he sounds like a religious nut. that's my opinion. >> that's because you are a communist. lauren, a bunch of people have sort of made this point that -- about the money that he has made a ton of money on the show. if this is how he feels, should he be giving that money to his church? >> yes, i didn't think of that. i think so. if he is denouncing the show, telling people not to watch. it give away the money. you obviously don't care. he has one year left to his contract. so i feel like this is his time to -- he is serving a purpose. she working for jesus. he is in this role, and he will use the next year to do something spiritual to make himself feel better. of course ask a business reporter what to do with the
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money. >> sorry, bill, can't get to you. >> are you not. what is the best way to get me to never reply to your text? paul mccurio on his new book. and why are these parents hiring cops to follow their teens? probably becau lazy. you are watching "red eye" on fnc.
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should you narc on how they park? teenagers are usually excellent drivers, but parents can enlist officers to monitor eir motoring. two former detectives in the city of san diego started the business, and for $99 an off duty or retired cop will secretly follow young drivers and report back to mom and dad on whether they are making p proker stops or going too fast or texting. they say it is a way to educate and not punish.
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they encourage parents to warn teens they will be evaluated, but not when. the company offers a service for spying on drug use at home. we have tape of an officer getting into position. >> i'm sorry you had to see that, ambassador. >> i did that on your couch over here. >> sure you did. lauren, this thing cost $99, but can you really put a price on your teenage kid hating you even more? >> well, are you warning them, so i guarantee that a teenager will drive on their best behavior for the next couple weeks. they will remember the warning. an old person will not remember the warning. >> good point. >> on the other hand you can save yourself $99 and tell your kid you are doing this and then not do it. >> is a parent you know you
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spent the money and enlisted someone else to do the job for you. >> i guess. ambassador, is this a violation of a teen's privacy, and follow-up question, who cares? >> yes, and i'm sure the aclu cares. i'm sure there is an aclu lawsuit coming. i thought the inventiveness of it to not have the cops trail your kid, but threaten the kid that you better watch out because you never can tell, i mean that has long-term consequences. that might actually do something . >> absolutely. paul, if your parents had hired somebody to follow you around when you were a young stand up and then tell you everything you were doing wrong would you actually be successful today? >> thank you very much. i'm a firm man. >> please answer the question. first, we are hiring strangers to follow our kids around? as long as they are not in a van handing out candy, i guess it is okay, america. really what will happen is once your kid gets the lesson, he will 2 back to doing what he was doing before. get the lesson and then 10 minutes later he will be
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texting his friends and saying, they think i am a good driver. it will have no affect whatsoever. and who wants to follow? >> bill, if we hired a cop to follow you, what might we learn? >> i lead a normal god-fearing life. i don't want to be captain slippery slope, but where doses doses -- but where does it end? so you have exbike cops follow him around. are you concerned your kid is not doing a proper header when doing ayso. so have you the soccer cops making sure we are doing the correct header. we are overly protective and over secure wussie society. >> what you are saying is first they came for the teenage drivers. >> yes, they d. you are a grammar cop. >> the best thing you can do which is what i do for my son is don't interact with them at
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all. >> got a comment on the show? e-mail us at fox and do you have a video of your animal doing something, anything? go to fox eye. still to come the half time report from tom shillou. >> tonight is sponsored by re-enactment. the activity where moments are re-enacted. thanks, re-enactment.
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we are back. let's see if we have gotten anything wrong so far. now to tom shill ou. >> indeed. story one, the pentagon. paul, you said the days of thinking a woman is a delicate flower are over. you said it was sexist, that you think women can't do a man's job. you said doing the job these women are doing the job, but they are not getting the benefits. what benefits are you talking about? >> they want -- some of them aren't eligible for promotions. but they are doing some of the same work. >> they are not technically registered, but some of them in the lawsuit have specifically testified and given testimony that they are doing the work of men. they have been shot at and injured in battle. but they are not eligible for the benefits that men r. the benefits being higher grade, higher payett set raw,ett set
12:32 am
raw. >> maybe. i don't know. it seems farfetched to me. >> that's the basis of the suit. >> tom, i believe a study found of the marine corp found there was no evidence that female officers were being hurt by the current policy. >> see. we are creating a vicious circle. >> but then you say a suit is frivolous which i find that hard to believe. if you look at the suit there is substantial points being made in the suit by the people bringing the case. >> and the ambassador is making this point. of course women obviously can fight in combat. but perhaps there is concern that men's behavior will change in the heat of battle. >> its combat is not like
12:33 am
being on the show for example or just walking the streets of new york. it is actually different. you are in the most dangerous environment that human beings know how to create. and for virtually all of history and every civilization we know of, combat has been performed by units of men. when you decide to change that you are interrupting something that has been pretty basic throughout human history. >> and there is no deny thrg are emotional decisions made in the battlefield. these men are soldiers. they are hard wired to protect women. >> what is the guy going to do? >> after you, madam. >> real men do that. >> real men jump on the grenade, paul. >> i think people lock in when it is life or death. i don't think guys will start treating their fellow soldiers differently because of their gender in the moment in the
12:34 am
heat of battle. >> i guess that is the issue we have to work out in court. >> the counter argument is in the heat of battle that's when evolutionary things kick in in the fight or flight. and that's when you would be most likely to protect women. >> it just goes to show, this is highly speculative. we don't have a clue what we are talking about or what the impact on our combat forces would be. in any event it is not something that should be decided in court. if we are going to change it it, congress should decide it. >> i for one would like to start the talking point that real men run and scream. >> and girls are icky. >> paul, -- i'm sorry ambassador bolten. you were speaking about a whack captain. we have a lot of younger demographic watching the show late at night. i want them to know that a whack captain, it is the women's army corp.
12:35 am
a lot of our viewers it is slang and means not up to the mark. >> i believe it is the opposite of dope, is it not? >> it is the opposite of dope. >> i don't know what the meaning is you are talking about. >> for instance one may say that movie is whack. they didn't appreciate the film. >> this is the whitest conversation i have ever heard in my life. >> are you kidding me? it is off the heezie. >> story two, the pentagon robots. lauren you said you had an appreciate for metal men. in the genre of metal men, what kind of metal man would you appreciate? would you say you are more of a row bow cop woman or a terminator or the a c3po. >> when is a c3po? am i supposed to know what that is. >> if you know your ""star wars"". >> oh please. i don't know star worse. "star wars." >> the force is not with this
12:36 am
one. >> i named my top three metal men. >> i am not digging them. >> i think tom revealed a lot about himself in the choices he made there. >> i see myself as a c3po. i don't know how the world sees me. >> a segue. >> whatever you say. i have no idea what that is. >> ambassador bolten, you seem to like the idea of the -- you like robot warfare it seems like. how about this, why don't we have the robots in the united nations? >> what difference would it make? >> i set him up. did you see me do that? >> thank thank you, thank you. >> the robot couldn't have done what you just did. >> bill schulz, you said you welcome our robot overlord. do you remember i am thinking of another famous -- i forgot to leave off my list, robot from "lost in space" was my
12:37 am
favorite. >> will robinson, but that was not his name. he looked like he could fit two. >> was it robbie? >> no, he was just robot. >> was that his name, robot? >> bill struck me as a dr. smith type. >> that's a great analogy. absolutely. >> goes back to my running and screaming. >> lauren and paul were both talking about -- they seemed to think that women were not as good as controlling robots and space ships and things like that. what about kailey frye ladies and gentlemen? >> the ship's mechanic on "saw wren gnaw tee." she was pretty handy with a wrench in outerspace. >> tough crowd. >> i am too busy ignoring my son and not loving him.
12:38 am
look up kailey frye. she is quite a woman. >> is she firm? >> she is firmer than you, paul. two and a half men, ambassador bolten, have you ever seen "woo and a half men." >> no and i have no intention of watching it either. >> maybe i can give you -- now that i am here i am good at recommending tv shows. >> i got the story and let's talk about it again. "game of throwns" seems like a show you would be into," the wire" is that your kind of thing? >> i do e-mail on computers. >> paul, something tells me you were cynical about this. you call him a religious nut. what about this young man and the fact he called his show fillet. filth. >> he thinks that america is truly being educated and molded and formed emotionally and intellectually by his stupid sitcom.
12:39 am
he has bought hook, line and sinker his own importance as a star, and that's the problem. just because 16 million people watch your show doesn't mean it is substantive, and i don't think it is. i think people come home after working a very long day and can barely make ends meet and want to watch the very thing he defined at filth, his show. is that cynical enough for ?u. >> he is full of himself. >> you are looking at him, friend. what is the difference between a celebrity saying don't tune into my show it is garbage. i hear celebrity doing commercial endorsements and i just did it for the money. >> if he wants -- let him take his millions of dollars and fund reading programs around the country. don't sit there with your shaved head and looking like a nut job and telling me major show is terrible. >> go to college. >> all right, andy i'm done. back to you. >> thanks, tom.
12:40 am
coming up, never trust a big butt and a smile. not a story, just something ambassador boltedden said before the show. anyway, how did the onion dupe a chinese newspaper? second question, when are vegetables so dishonest?
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today it still shines smugly. the secret project included calculations by the astronomer on how much dust and gas the explosion would generate. and a physicist told the ap that witnessing the nuclear flash from earth would intimidate the soviets. but uh lass the plan was killed because some gutless military officials were worried that people could be hurt. we must discuss in the -- >> lightning round. >> ambassador, have you heard of this project, and is it too
12:44 am
late to resume work if need be? al-qaeda would be scared right now. >> it was a big disappointment to think we had the capability and didn't run with it. w45* is the name of the science fiction film where the moon goes off on its own? it was a tv series. >> "space 1999". >> that was a great show. whoa could have done that 40 or 50 years ago and we didn't. >> space 1959. the report didn't specify, but the idea was the nuke wouldn't have actually blown up the moon or changed its orbit. it just would have made an explosion. what is the big deal? >> this doesn't feel like a strategy. buzz aldren saying, i have to get out of here. we had five that wanted to blowup the moon. smoking was good and seatbelts were bad. tell me why i should be nostalgic for the 50s again?
12:45 am
>> women were at home barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. >> you said that. >> have you the moon. it affects the tides and werewolves. other than that who cares? it is a stupid moon. >> i did a lot of research on this story. i wanted to see how true it was. i do think we should have blown up the moon. it would have instilled confidence in the american. we should do it now. >> that's what i'm saying. the fiscal cliff, come on. the economy is going back into a recession. >> nobody said anything about that. all they will say is did the moon get blown up? >> it was go usa. >> better yet, drop bombs that form craters in the giant usa on the moon. >> bill, is it possible that this idea leaked out earlier than we think and george lucas used it as the idea for the ending of "star wars"? >> i wouldn't know this obviously. >> no, george lucas, i don't give him credit for anything.
12:46 am
i don't think this is as much commentary on the times in the 50s or the science involved and more on our current media. every single story that teased this, you are like, we tried to blowup the entire moon? no we were sending nukes over there that would do no damage. the worst part, the current state of the media assumes everyone watching thinks the moos is the size of a tennis ball and easily knocked out with a couple of nukes. i don't know who loses here, but a lot of people. >> i couldn't agree more. next topic. on tuesday china's communist party newspaper picked up a story that kim jun was named the sexiest man alive. the easily duped people's website offered congratulations and ran a 55-page photo spread of the leader along with portions of the onion report like this. with his devastatingly handsome round face and his boyish charm and strong, sturdy frame, the heartthrob
12:47 am
is every woman's dream come true. it gives the rare ability to somehow be completely adorable and macho at the same time. paul? >> yes. >> the onion also listed some of the previous sexiest men alive, bernie may doff and the uni bomber. maybe a couple of clues that should have been taken seriously. >> they are latching on to any pr they can get. sex symbols have been something to explain to different cultures. you noy how hard it was to explain that at one time henry winkler was a sex cymbal in this country -- symbol in this country? >> that was during "happy days." >> this shows how much we will miss communism when it finally disappears. >> we searched for decades about how to influence communist chinese behavior. and now we found it. >> we just make up stories the way they are -- >> the way the onion does. >> lauren, it is nice to know
12:48 am
when it comes to saw tear cal news we are better than some things. >> when i look at kim jun u.n i see channing tatum. >> you think he was actually a great choice. >> he is a good looking dude. i don't know if he is the sexiest. that's up for debate. no one was more surprise than me of come mu thirst china would be so easily fooled. >> did you have an editorial meeting about this or they say you run this story in the vegetable. >> if you look at "people" he is also the sexiest woman and best in show. >> you did bring up a good point . henry winkler now -- before when he was the fonz compared to now, and now he looks and sounds like fat woody allen. before he was the sexiest guy. >> he is still great. >> he is still great. he is a great guy.
12:49 am
>> time to take a break. when we return, a performance from tonight's musical guest, bow-wow-wow. that will be great.
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a retired submarine captain has written the best e-mail of all time to his
12:53 am
three grown children. quote, it is obvious none of us has the faintest notion of the bitter disappointment each of you has in his own way. each is contrived to a voice of moderate uh -- achievement. i have been forced to the never ending dreams of our children's ineptitudes. >> thanks dad. >> ambassador, here is my only problem with it. i think if you are going to tell your son what a disappointment is to you, tell him to his face. >> he put it in the onion. that's confusing. that is the most remarkable thing. >> it is so british. you can't read that without thinking of a britishing a -- british accent in your head. >> lauren, does it rethink you having kids? joy oh, a personal question.
12:54 am
well i wouldn't want my four kids to be a disappointment. this guy has six or seven grandkids and concerned about them. i am never going to have kids now. >> paul, are you ever worried you will get a letter like this, but from your son? >> my who? i have a son? >> go to sleep, loser. that's how i put him to bed. can i defend the guy? i thought it was nice he put hearts over the i's. >> it was the meanest e-mail ever. >> if you have a consistent problem with all of your kids, maybe you are the source of the problem. >> exactly. >> michael lohan goes on these shows oh yes i have been in rehab five times and i have my stripper girlfriend. i have no idea why lyndsay has a problem. >> bill, your dad writes you one of these letters every week. yet you don't seem to care. do you become numb to it? >> i don't read them. i'm sure they are bad. >> he should have handwritten
12:55 am
it. so this way they had it. it would have been a card and frame it. >> there are no winners. oh maybe somehow the blame could have will faen on him. how do we know about this? >> one of the kids read it like forward. they immediately sent it to a paper. >> he accidently sent it to his address book. >> had dad takes the mom's side. >> they have a nice relationship and they are concerned about the grandkids. >> the bottom line is, we don't know the facts here and we didn't bother to find them. >> we just write the e-mail. >> and we can't be bothered. >> and we will never talk about this again. don't send us e-mails telling us the facts. we will close things out with the post game wrap up from tom shillou.
12:56 am
12:57 am
12:58 am
12:59 am
time to go back to tom shillou for the post game wrap up. >> ambassador, would you like to be susan rice right now? >> you think you have had a bad week. it is just getting started. it will be a bad month for her. no doubt about it. we'll -- >> we'll see. we will watch. paul -- >> yes, c3po. >> i should ask you where you are performing. >> yes. i will be at the toledo funny bone. next week at the dc improve december 6th through the 9th. and then the columbus funny bone after that. >> sounds fun and funny. lauren how is the christmas shop ?g. >> all done, wrapped, bowed and labeled, baby? >> are you kidding me? >> yes, i hate people. i get it done before the holiday weekends. >> we should have an affair. >> we totally should.

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